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Salvation: Does Bible Talk Match Bible Text?

We always hear people talking about “salvation” or what it means to be “saved”.  But what does that really mean?  Since no two people are alike everybody seems to have a different opinion which is why we need something above man to decide these types of matters.  A “law giver” so to speak.  And what exactly are we being saved from?  Hell?  Ourselves?  The answer is actually both.  The gospel message doesn’t make sense to most people.  How could a man die on a cross over 2000 years ago and somehow that covers my sin?  Who determines what sin is? That doesn’t make any sense to most people.  But when you read it in the context of the Bible it makes total sense.  According to our God , blood has to atone for sin (Leviticus 4,5,6) An innocent also must die to sustain life which is what God offers us eternal life with him as opposed to death without him.  If you think about it innocence dies every day for you.  Well, you eat don’t you?  Why is it the animal or the plant’s place to die for you because you’re hungry?  Now the crucifixion and the last supper and what Jesus said makes more sense doesn’t it?  Or does it not?

The Bible is actually about one bloodline.  From Adam to Noah to Abraham to David to Jesus.  Because Jesus spilled that very blood from that bloodline at the cross now we as believers are adopted into that family bloodline.  When you look at the Old Testament when Adam and Eve sinned (Genesis 3) that broke the bond between God and man.  God also allowed burnt sacrifices too (Genesis 8).  Although symbolism like spreading the blood of the lamb over the doors in Egypt was a symbol of death passing over you because of the blood of the lamb (Exodus 12).  That is called typology in the Bible where one thing represents another future event.  We know Jesus is the Lamb of God but why was he called that?

You notice the big sacrifice was always the lamb.  God did allow other animals to be sacrificed also.  But when you sacrifice the lamb it had to be a perfect white lamb for a reason and now that should make sense (Leviticus 4). Blood atones for sin which is why blood was used on the Arc of the Covenant also (Exodus 24).  In Leviticus when God was training is priest tribe, he could not come down to the tabernacle until the priests had cleansed themselves of sin with a sacrifice first.

You see, God cannot be around sin (Isaiah 59) that’s why he had to cast Lucifer out of Heaven (Revelation 12).  It wasn’t just because he was angry even though he was.  His creation could now not be around him and sin was first found in Lucifer not in the Garden of Eden (Ezekiel 28).  Lucifer then corrupted God’s proudest creation man which was made in his image.  Angels were not made in God’s image we are so that’s why he was so angry with Lucifer in the garden.  He could just kick Lucifer out of Heaven and problem solved.  But this was different now he has a whole different problem.

But he’s God he knew this would happen. Is God the author of sin?  Some people have this weird doctrine called Calvinism where yes God is the author of sin.  They claim that predestination means that God picks and chooses who lives and dies ahead of time like walking through the maternity ward and saying kill this one keep this one alive and playing a sick game of false offers to most of his creation.  That’s total nonsense and not scriptural unless you twist scripture out of context.  It’s pseudo intellectualism at best trying to out think God or his word. There’s a complete difference in knowing what will happen ahead of time and how to counter it than that.  God is outside what we know as space, time, and matter.  He’s seen this show before. Even before Lucifer tried to overthrow him. The teaching is so ridiculous it gets to the point where you cannot accept Christ unless God decides ahead of time that you will be saved not by your free will but by his decree.  That’s not even what the Bible says but I digress. But if you are a Calvinist angry with me right now just remember by your own logic it was pre-ordained for you to read this. Don’t be angry with me. You’re welcome

If God cannot be around sin then he had to make a path back for his creation to him.  That’s where the salvation message and Jesus Christ comes from.  A loving God gave a part of himself to die and be resurrected and to spill that very blood so his creation could be with him for eternity.  While the atheist gets angry at God one minute, who they claim doesn’t exist but yet gets angry at him because they don’t like the choices.  They say how could a loving God send me to Hell?  My question to the atheist is, how could you choose Hell over a loving God?  That is a you problem and it’s a heart problem not a mind problem.  They claim to be rational that’s not rational.

The problem is if we don’t have something above man to decide right from wrong then he is there really any right from wrong?  Look at what people do to each other throughout history and that should be your first clue. If we’re just space dust bumping around how do you explain emotion?  How do you explain consciousness?  Science can’t explain that even though they tried.  How do separate the murderer from the one feeding the poor?  It’s all just opinion and morality is relative right?  See how ridiculous that is?  It’s not that people can’t be moral it’s written in our hearts.  How does science explain that?  They can’t.  That’s called God and that’s how we know right from wrong as opposed to just one person’s opinion of the other or even mob rule “democracy”.

Everyone can be moral but by what standard do you judge morality?  No two people are the same so their opinions are not the same so where is the line?  That’s why we need a God in a savior to save us from ourselves and frankly to set the rules for mankind whether they like that are not. If God calls something a sin or an “abomination” (Leviticus 18) then that’s what it means. You don’t have an exception card to play no matter what people try and convince themselves of to justify their behavior. We’re born sinners yes because of man’s corrupted seed but we’re not born drunks, adulterors , theives, murderers , homosexual or “transgender”  (Romans 1) that’s nonsense. Those are behaviors not God’s will. God will not me mocked either like taking his rainbow and throwing it in his face. God’s rainbow has 7 colors while man’s has six. Let that sink in. That rainbow is God’s not man’s. (Genesis 9)

God gave us free will for a reason so we can choose to follow him or not.  Any woman reading this article right now knows what it’s like to have a man who loves them they believe but won’t leave them alone after they’ve been rejected.  Is that what you want your God to be?  The creepy ex boyfriend?  I hardly think so.  If we didn’t have free will the same people would complain about being a robot so I don’t really take them very seriously when it comes to that although I do take the questions seriously because we all have them.

Let’s not pretend we don’t all have questions about God but he tells us to come before him boldly so if you have questions ask him (Hebrews 4).  He’s not afraid.  That’s why Jesus was so great people would ask him questions in his response he would give you two choices without saying it.  Either admit you’re wrong or look like a fool.  He was brilliant like that, well because he was God manifested in the flesh (1 Timothy 3).

We are tri-part beings as God is.  We are body, soul, in spirit as God is.  The soul is God the father, the body is Jesus Christ because we cannot look on the soul of God (Exodus 33) so he had to have a reflection of himself for man and that’s Jesus.  The holy spirit is obvious. Water is three parts and is the same in liquid, gas or solid form. Think about that one.

People are the same today as they’ve always been. When God talks about sin is death that is death of the spirit and separation from him (Genesis 3).  Hell is a whole different ballgame.  Not only will you be separated from God in spirit which you’ll  be punished for eternity along with the fallen angels who tried to overthrow him who have been locked in Hell (2 Peter 2).  We’re not all “sons of god” some choose to be sons of Satan by choice (John 8 , Acts 13 ).

You have to be doing God’s will to be a “son of God” so that garbage doctrine of fallen angels having sex with women is nonsense. They’re locked in Hell and Jesus went to Hell to preach to them during the three days before the resurrection(1 Peter 3) . Men are “sons of God” not fallen Angels. That came from the Book of Enoch which is nonsense and the Jewish fables which we’re told to stay away from (Titus 1).  The Book of Enoch would have had to been on the Ark with Noah and nobody can show me that verse.

So you want free will or do you not?  There are rules set in front of us like it are not and I will choose a God who died for me as opposed to one who still pouting about its fallout with the boss and wants to take the rest of us with him.  I believe in being straightforward and blunt I don’t candy coat things to save people’s feelings I just don’t.  Some of us need to be offended and just remember tough love is also love and that describes your God.  He is love but he is also  judgment (Romans 2) and people need to stop reading half of the Bible and that’s the nicest way I will put it (as I pont three fingers at myself).

Your choice is up to you as my choice is up to me.  My salvation does not depend on you or anyone else and I will be judged individually as you will too.  Your creator came to Earth to save his people and those who will believe in him but the choice is up to you.  There are two choices and the gate is narrow. Choose wisely and may God bless you for making the right choice.  Thanks for reading